Volume 9, No. 1 (17) 2020

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A. V. Pertsev. «Natur-theism» as the crypto-philosophy of Sigmund Freud

N. M. Savchenkova. Psychoanalysis as an adventure of thought: S. Freud and S. Ferenczi

I. A. Kazakova. About the origin of the Freud language

A. A. Hahalova. The Energic Nature of Neurous System in S. Freud’s «Project for a Scietific Psychology»

A. K. Sekatski. What does «like in a dream» mean?

A. M. Polozhentsev. A change in the existential paradigm

K. A. Ermilov. Non-intentional phenomenology of Michel Henry and the question of subjectivity as the limit of this project



A. A. Gryakalov. Poetic hermeneutics of time (About Dmitry Ivashintsov’ poetry)

G. I. Benevich. Poetry notes

A. K. Chernoglazov. Conversation with marble

V. V. Savchuk. The cold view of Frank Gaudlitz



Richard Pole. Plato and Marburg neo-Kantianism

Karl Rahner. The story of salvation and revelation


The cover of the journal was created using elements of graphic works by Maurits Cornelis Escher.